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If you’ve discovered a plumbing problem in your commercial project, get in contact with Dundrum Plumbing Services today. 

General Installations

Dundrum Plumbing Services provides a range of general plumbing installations to customers all over North Dublin and South Kildare. Would your property benefit from the installation of an outdoor tap? Do you want to increase the water pressure in your shower?
Then get in contact with Dundrum Plumbing Services. We offer clients a range of simple plumbing fittings and upgrades to improve the effectiveness of their home heating and water circulation systems.
The fittings and upgrades we offer include:

Domestic Plumbing
Outdoor Taps
Water Pressure Pumps
Shower Installations
Bathroom fitting installation
Kitchen Waste Disposal Units

Upgrade your home with one of our plumbing installations; get in contact with Dundrum Plumbing Services today.

Outdoor Taps

We supply and fit outdoor taps for the convenience of all our clients. Our supplied tap heads are customised for convenient hose attachment.

Boost your Water Pressure

Dundrum Plumbing Services is available to install a pump in your water tank system which can drastically improve the water pressure in your household. Our modern installation procedures mean pumps can be installed in one day.  We can also install showers in your property that take advantage of this higher water pressure level.


We can install various bathrooms fitting in your property. Our innovative modern system, allows us to install toilets almost anywhere within a property. Relieve the pressure on your bathroom by having a second one installed.

Kitchen Waste Disposal Units

Our waste disposal units are a convenient and low-cost solution to food waste. Why fill up your bin with uneaten food when it can be disposed of through your homes drainage system? Our efficient installation service means we can have your waste disposable unit installed in a day.


Have a professional waste disposal unit installed in your property today.

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